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How to Make Your Cargo in Safe in China

If you want to import some products from China, one of the main points to take
into consideration is how to deal with your product in safe condition. Even if you apply CIF
terms, to avoid your loss and make maximum profit, youd better know how to
deal with shipping safe by yoursel.



  1. Buy the cargo insurance to cover 110% invoice value.
  2. Use freight forwarder who has nice fame, at least lasted more than 5 years. If company lives more than 5 years, it means it can live another more 5 years. It can supply you stable service, know how to control different kind of potential risk.
  3. Don't buy or do anything which is illegal in China. Make sure your freight warder too. Or else it maybe cause you lose all your products.
  4. In case you met some kind of problem, ask reliable freight forwarding company who has resource help you. But don't try to do it via lawer in your country, this boring course will last 1-2 years, and can't be acted at all, even you are the winner.
  5. Let yourself away from all kind of cheator, you must wear a telescope to do this, If you can't do this, control the value amount less than your limitation which you can afford loss.
  6. Finally, good luck.


How important to make sure client's cargo is in safe control during transportation from the follow news. Because of somebody did some ellegal things in the port, it caused the burn and explosion, let thousand time cargo were destroyed, many customers caused big lose, especailly who didn't buy the insurance.

_ Huge explosions in China's Tianjin port area killed 123+50 person, hurt thousands, burned thousands new cars, buildings broken

Story Highlights:

  • Nearly 400 people are reported injured, including firefighters
  • President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang urge all-out efforts to save injured in blast
  • Tianjin police say the blast occurred at a warehouse of a logistics company
  • company chief arrested

    Beijing News said chief of the Ruihai Logistics company that stored hazardous material has been taken into police custody.

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