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Escrow Service

Safe payments
Ever shines Escrow Service will hold your payment while the order is being processed. Payment will be released to the supplier upon your confirmation.

Quick and easy transactions
Available for Sea Freight, Air Freight and Express shipping methods. Place an order, pay, and track your delivery online.

Low service charges
Us$ 25 per bill.( we only accept the case which we handled the shipping)

Mass payment
Advantages: save bank fee, save time, reach sellers' account in the same day, can pay CNY after checked the quanlity and quantity, etc.


If international bank transfer fee is us$60/bl, there are 10 sellers in China. If we pay them one time per month, what's the cost in total per month? How much per year?

What's the advantages for client pay to sellerss via Ever Shine?

  1. Save bank charges. You can save usd 7140 per year( in the example ).
  2. Save time: Reach Factories' account in one minute, not three work days.
  3. Trading risk can be controlled by our escrow service
  4. Can pay CNY to different kind sellers, get additional discount.
  5. Chinese sellers could give you additional discount because of your fast pay.


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